In this list, we’ll be looking at some Easter eggs, references, future events and so much more in Doctor strange in the multiverse of madness.

Spoiler ahead so you’re advised to watch the movie before going through this.

A Horde of Homage to “what If Zombies”: There wasn’t much of a zombie invasion but we could see some references to the what-if series, Wander and Steven ended up looking like their zombie selves while using dark spells.

Christine Masters a Magical item that Dr strange couldn’t use: Dating back to the first doctor strange movie we see strange not being able to use some magical item cause he was not experienced but Christine never had that problem with that.

Gargantos, or Shuma-Gorath?: When America Chavez arrives on Earth-616 in”Multiverse of Madness,” she’s followed by a monstrous critter under Scarlet Witch’s control. The one-eyed, numerous-tentacled beast makes a mess of town in New York City, but it’s eventually dispatched by the combined sweats of Doctor Strange and Sorcerer Supreme Wong. The film identifies the critter as Gargantos, which, in the comics, is the name of an ocean monster that serves the subaquatic whipper Naga.


In reality, the design of the MCU’s Gargantos is much more analogous to Shuma-Gorath — an eldritch being of immense power who is a major player in the comics. Shuma-Gorath is of particular significance to Doctor Strange, being a harmonious foe for the conjurer and indeed causing the death of the Ancient One in”Marvel Premiere” Volume 1. Unfortunately, Marvel Studios was unfit to use the Shuma-Gorath name in”Multiverse of Madness” due to a rights issue (per ComicBook). Still, the emulsion of the Old One’s visual design and Gargantos’ name is a fun quintet, and it makes for an instigative battle.

Earth-838 and Earth-616: “Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness” visits a lot of different confines. Still, the utmost of its time is spent in two primary realities — the main MCU timeline, and the Actually one where the Illuminati rule. A variant of Doctor Christine Palmer designates the first of these 616, and the alternate one 838. She also mentions that she works for the Baxter Foundation — an omen of the Fantastic Four reveal that follows soon afterward (the group’s classic headquarters in the comics is the Baxter Building).

though, 616 hardly counts as an Easter egg, If you are a sucker of the Marvel comics to any extent. It’s the primary world of the comics canon where the top of the main action takes place. With that in mind, it makes total sense that the MCU would give its own primary world the same numerical designation, but it’s still entertaining to hear the number actually spoken out loud.

Earth-838 is not a designation of any real significance in the comics, but it does feature some enjoyable little details of its own for spectators to look out for. From the fashion trends visible on the highway to the kinds of food people are shown eating, there is a lot of comicality and humor poured into each of the 838 scenes

Chthon and Mount Wundagore: When his wizards’meddling ends in the annihilation of Earth-616’s Darkhold, Wanda demands that Wong tells her everything he knows about the book and its magic. He refuses at first, but he becomes added agreeable when she starts torturing some surviving wizards — one of whom, the green minotaur Rintrah, is a major player in the comics and an eventual apprentice of Doctor Strange himself. Wong reveals that the Darkhold was transcribed from ancient verses and magical knowledge sculpted into the legendary Mount Wundagore.

When he and Wanda travel there together, they find what seems to be a tabernacle set up in honor of the Scarlet Witch. Wanda’s Chaos Magic in the comics is directly tied to Mount Wundagore, which was the final home of the aged Elder God turned demon Chthon before he left the mortal realm for a resemblant dimension. Wong mentions Chthon by name in”Multiverse of Madness, “albeit only briefly. In the comics, Wanda is brought to Mount Wundagore as a juvenile child and experimented on relentlessly with Chaos Magic — a process that binds her constantly to Chthon and his dark powers. The eldritch monsters Wanda finds at the mountain in”Multiverse of Madness” bow to her because they honor the Chaos magic within her, which basically makes her both their sovereign and their kin. The exact nature of how she first acquired those powers in the MCU, still, remains unknown. Per”WandaVision,” she was magical before ever being exposed to the Mindheadstone.

Doctor Strange’s sister: While trying to get back to Earth-616 and save America Chavez from the Scarlet Witch, Doctor Strange encounters a strange foe — a variant of himself who is Growing intensively corrupted by the Darkhold. When the two first match, Strange 616 does not catch on the boundary of his alter ego’s bad. In fact, it’s the ill-boding Doctor Strange who demands evidence of the other’s identity, which is handed in the form of an unfortunate tale.

Doctor Strange reveals that he had a sibling named Donna who Passed as a child. He says that she fell through the ice while they were playing on a frozen lake and that he was incapable to save her. Donna Strange is also present in the comics, though her fate is a little bit different. She does witness a medical breaking point at the age of nine, but her sibling is capable to help her through it. afterward, as a teenager, Donna suffers a ferocious cramp while swimming and ends up drowning, meeting the same grim end as her MCU counterpart. The original”Doctor Strange” movie was meant to have a scene showing this unfortunate element of Stephen’s history, but it was eventually cut from the final interpretation (per Digital Spy).

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