All 22 victims have been discovered from the wreckage of the Tara Air jet that crashed minutes after taking off from the tourist resort of Pokhara in Nepal’s hilly Mustang province.

Nepal plane crash: 22 bodies recovered, black box retrieved

The turboprop Twin Otter 9N-AET jet went missing in Nepal’s hilly terrain on Sunday morning, May 29.

The Canadian-built jet was carrying four Indians, two Germans, and 13 Nepali passengers, as well as a three-member Nepali crew, on its way from Pokhara to Jomsom, a major tourist resort in central Nepal.

On Monday, rescuers collected 21 dead from the crash scene, with the last body discovered on Tuesday morning.

According to the report, ten dead were transported to Kathmandu and 11 bodies were sent to the base camp, where the rescue operation is being conducted.

Nepal plane crash: 22 bodies recovered, black box retrieved

At a height of 14,500 feet, the plane crashed at Thasang-2 in Mustang district.

“All of the passengers aboard the plane have been discovered dead.” “All of the victims’ faces are identifiable, and the lifeless corpses are in good condition,” a rescue official said.

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According to the story, the plane crashed after striking a nearby cliff.

Ashok Kumar Tripathy, his wife Vaibhavi Bandekar (Tripathy), and their children Dhanush and Ritika were recognized as four Indians on the airline’s passenger list. The family lived in Thane, a suburb of Mumbai.

The Nepal Army said on Monday that pieces of the jet’s wreckage had been discovered about 20 hours after the plane went missing.

Nepal plane crash: 22 bodies recovered, black box retrieved

According to the Civil Aviation Authority, the jet took off from Pokhara at 9:55 a.m. and lost communication with air traffic control 12 minutes later at 10:07 a.m.

The remains were strewn over a 100-meter radius from the primary crash area, according to Tara Air spokeswoman Bartaula.

According to Bartaula, the plane smashed into the hillside, shattering into pieces and scattering the victims all over the slope.

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