A Missouri man who killed his wife was given a life term in prison.

In the murder of Jennifer Rothwell, 28, who was pregnant at the time and had been his wife for four years, Beau Rothwell, 31, was given a life sentence without the possibility of parole.

Before she vanished in 2019, Jennifer had looked up “what to do if your husband is furious you are pregnant” on her phone.

After being reported missing by Beau Rothwell for a week, her horrifically beaten body was discovered.

When Jennifer was killed, she was six weeks along in her pregnancy.

In order to be found guilty of a lesser manslaughter charge, Beau admitted to killing his wife at the trial but maintained that it was not premeditated and instead occurred during a heated quarrel over an affair he was having with another woman.
He said he struck his wife, 28, with a mallet in November 2019.

He acknowledged using a mallet to hit the back of her head, sending her staggering in the direction of their house’s garage.

He said that he stalked her and kept attacking her, killing her in the process.

Rothwell then made an attempt to hide the murder. He purchased cleaning goods and made an effort to bleach the blood of his deceased wife out of the house.

He took her car to an intersection, abandoned it there, and dumped the cleaning goods, along with a blood-stained tarp, in a nearby dumpster.
After the murder, according to Rothwell, he entered “panic mode.”

He left her naked body in some woods off Highway 61, filed a missing person’s report, texted her to let her know he was worried, and joined a search team.

The husband was a meticulous planner, according to the prosecution, who produced messages he exchanged with a different lady in the months before the murder and a list of advantages and disadvantages he made on leaving his wife.

A day before Jennifer Rothwell vanished, he was also captured on camera purchasing cleaning supplies, according to prior reports from the police.

Earlier in April, a jury found Beau Rothwell guilty of first-degree murder as well as other offenses.

On Friday, July 8, he was given a life sentence without the chance of release.

“We first filed the murder charge, and as was noted at today’s sentencing, we never offered any additional proposals.

That wasn’t an alternative. We believed that this person needed to answer for his conduct, and we were determined to do so “According to the news station, St. Louis County Prosecuting Attorney Wesley Bell stated.

During the sentencing hearing, Beau Rothwell expressed his regret to the family of his deceased wife.

He stated: “I’m truly sorry to Jennifer’s family; words cannot express my sorrow. This shouldn’t have happened at all.”

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