Some Nigerians have expressed their displeasure after presidential candidate Peter Obi announced on social media that he had just departed for Egypt on a three-day visit to study the Egyptian power, education, planning, and finance sectors with the goal of bringing ideas to our country to solve the problems we face in those sectors.

Omoyole Sowore, a political activist and presidential candidate, has reacted to Peter Obi’s decision to fly to Egypt to study how to address problems in a matter of days.

He stated

I heard Peter Obi went to Egypt to learn how to solve Education/Power issues, and this is exactly the issue with unprepared candidates. It’s nine months till the election, and a two-term governor and past vice presidential candidate wants to learn something from Egypt in three days? Wow!

In my perspective, there is nothing wrong with Peter Obi traveling to other nations that are succeeding in order to bring back solutions to tackle our problem.

Greetings, readers What are your thoughts on the matter?

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