Ashmusy, a 26-year-old social media influencer, celebrated her birthday by posting a list of her accomplishments on Instagram.

Comedienne and social media celebrity Ashmusy boasted about her successes before the age of 26 in an Instagram post.

Ashmusy, an Instagram model, is celebrating her 26th birthday with a long list of achievements.

The Nigerian woman shared a list of her accomplishments on her Instagram page to commemorate her achievements thus far.

She claimed that she is really proud of herself because she grew up in a poor family where her mother had to beg for food.

She realized she’d have to work a variety of low-wage jobs to make ends meet right now. She educated her siblings at a private school, bought a house, and began a business without the help of anyone.


She was pleased with herself and admired her achievements.

She claimed she accomplished everything on her own, with no help from a man. She was ecstatic about her achievements.

She now owns a number of houses and businesses despite never having slept with or relied on a guy.

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