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Guide for A University Fresher

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You’ve finally made it into the university and now you’re confused cause you don’t know where to start. I’ll help you with how to get yourself familiar with the new position.

1. Get familiar with the surrounding:

This should be the first thing to do when you get to school, know the names of the lectures hall, where they are located, and take advantage Of the opportunity to make friends with a fresher like you, you can both explore. Don’t be too shy to ask for directions. This will help you get to lectures in time

2. Follow the necessary procedures:

For most schools first thing you go through is screening, then payment of the fee and you register for your courses. This is better done earlier in other to avoid late fees.

3. Getting your necessities

This can be for you writing material, reading material (handouts, textbook), if you’re the type who doesn’t enjoy writing you can as well get a note from a course mate and photocopy although that won’t be a good idea for a student who is just trying to survive cause it cost a lot photocopy. Not just school necessities, get stuff you need back in your apartment cause it’s important to stay prepared and organized

4. Staying active in class

This is really important cause something most words by the lecturer might not be in your textbook or handout. So it is best to list and try to take notes on the important stuff.

5. Building your CGPA

100L is the best to start building your CGPA, starting bad at year one might affect your result at the end of the sessions.

6. Avoid late Nights

It’s fun and all that but it’s a risky move, being in the school environment late at night isn’t safe for anyone especially for fresher cause you’re not used to the environment yet, You can’t tell what might be going on, you can be robbed or rapp*d.

7. Know what to say and when to talk

You don’t know anyone, so it’s better you’re careful about what you say, lack of control might cause you a lot, so be careful

8. Trying to stay updated with what is going on around school

9. Ask for help when you need it.

10. Learn to manage your time

11. Be prayerful

12. Avoid unusual gatherings or meetings

13. Attend classes

14. Sign the attendance

15. Establish a positive habit

16. Learn to balance work and fun

There’s time for everything when it’s time to be serious then trying to be serious, also have fun like it’s been said all work and no play make Jack a dullard but trying to make it fit don’t do it over

Lastly, try to enjoy every bit of this cause it’s a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Make friends, stay positive and be happy and that’s my Guide for A University Fresher

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