A four-year-old child died after being left on her nursery school bus for more than seven hours, with temperatures inside reaching 50 degrees Celsius.

Flora Inez had been brought up from her family home in the Hungarian village of Tomajmonostora by the school bus driver earlier.

Other students exited the vehicle when it arrived at the school on Tuesday morning, and the driver closed the doors after reportedly neglecting to check if any children were left behind.

Flora was unfortunately stranded inside the locked vehicle.

She tried to get off the bus, but her desperate cries for aid were unheard. At 3 p.m., she was discovered unresponsive.

She was taken to a neighboring hospital, where she was treated for sunstroke and sent to critical care.

She battled valiantly for three days to save her life before finally dying.

“More than likely, her body grew so heated that she dried out because she sweated and inhaled all the water from her body,” pediatrician Dr. Orsolyacs told Hungarian publication, Bors.

Although the body typically strives to cool itself at the beginning of similar occurrences, she was unable to rectify the increased body temperature.”

The bus driver, who has only been identified as Istvan T, 56, is reportedly receiving psychological treatment at a facility in nearby Szolnok.

According to sources, he had a nervous breakdown as a result of the encounter.

“My father was quite tired out by what occurred,” the driver’s son told Bors.

I was told not to tell anyone until the investigations were completed, but I don’t know enough about the dreadful case to do so anyhow.”

The police have subsequently filed a criminal investigation to investigate the circumstances surrounding the girl’s death.

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