A videotape making rounds online has captured the moment two ladies university undergraduates engaged in a physical fight in their lecture hall.

 two ladies university undergraduates engaged in a physical fight in their lecture hall

Savage Metro

The two ladies undergraduate of University of Professional Studies, Accra, (UPSA) who were engaged in a heated conflict on school ground, swung their arms in a go-to land punches at each other as they pulled each other’s hair and clothes.

The undies of one of the ladies spotting a long plaited pink hairstyle were finally exposed after her skirt rode up to her waistline.

The fight was nevertheless stopped by two men, while the rest of their mates cheered on and recorded with their phones.

An unconfirmed source claimed that the fight was replaced after one of the undergrads named Sika, reportedly made an obnoxious comment toward her companion.

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