Couple arrested after having sex in public (video)

Police in Benidorm, Spain, intervened when a couple was found having sex in public against a trashcan.
Kyle G, an Everton supporter, sent the video on Twitter with the comment “Only in Benidorm.”

Couple arrested after having sex in public

A man wearing a black shirt and beige shorts stands behind a woman dressed in a floral-patterned outfit in the now-viral video.

As the bloke’s hand slid back and forth beneath her skirt, the woman, who was forced up against a large green plastic recycling bin, had her back arched.

After seeing cops arriving to break up the public sex act, passersby were heard yelling, “quick, come” and “come, baby, come.”

Before others surround them, an officer is seen slapping the duo in the back with a truncheon.

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