Wed. Sep 28th, 2022

After discovering her three-year-old granddaughter’s body in a trash can outside of her house, a 60-year-old lady was detained.

Grandmother Becky Ann Vreeland is being detained at the Cleveland County Jail in Oklahoma, USA, after being accused with first-degree murder and child neglect.

Police raced to the woman’s Oklahoma City home after receiving a 911 call from inside the residence, where two additional kids were also present.

Riley Nolan, 3, was found dead in a trash can there.

The child’s cause of death is unknown.
Reporters were told by Master Sergeant Gary Knight: “The child’s corpse had obvious evidence of trauma, according to the police.

The youngster had at least been dead for a while. It wasn’t a recent event.”
Police questioned Vreeland, who had been watching the young girl, before making an arrest.

Neighbors who claimed to frequently hear the “hardworking” grandma playing in the garden with the dead youngster and two other kids were shocked to learn of the girl’s passing.

The inquiry is still in its early stages, thus the police declined to say whether the grandma confessed to any role in the girl’s death.

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