When their women give birth to a child, men experience intense joy.

They constantly feel strongly about it, and they often take action to show their love for a job well done and think of gifts to give them.

Actor Tyler Mbaya, also known as Baha, from the Machachari series has now made the decision to surprise Georgina Njenga with a push gift.

Georgina broke down on their YouTube channel after Baha surprised her with an iPhone.

She thanked her husband for giving her a phone as a gift, noting that she had been seeking a phone of that kind since last year.

Baha, on the other hand, was pleased with what his wife had done by daring to have a boy as the second child.

Georgina responded by saying that she might be ready in ten years.

Baha remarked, “Baby number two sasa, boychild, next time nitkakua nimejipanga.”

Georgina answered, “I sitaki…ata si tano tena kumi tena.

Georgina was then surprised by Baha with the second gift, a bed.

The two couples are young and extremely devoted.

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