Aisha Yesufu, a well-known activist from Nigeria, has asked people to alert her to any schools that forbid children from wearing hijabs to class on her social media page on Twitter.

The campaigner added that schools shouldn’t require students to wear the hijab.

This was stated by Aisha Yesufu in a tweet she sent in response to a video showing a Muslim Nigerian kid being turned away from her school simply for donning the headscarf.

Further in the tweet Aisha Yesufu posted on social media, she stated that many people don’t care about other people’s rights and think that just their rights should be upheld by the law.

According to Aisha, it is against the law for schools to require students to wear hijabs to school, and the same rule holds true for those that do not.

Aisha concluded her post by urging people to alert her to any school that forbids students from attending due to the wearing of a hijab.

The hijab controversy arose as a result of the Supreme Court’s decision that Muslim students have the legal right to attend school while sporting the headscarf.

It’s interesting to note that Nigerians’ reactions to the decision have been conflicted.

While some people feel unsatisfied with the decision, others seem to think it is valid.

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