Blessing CEO, a popular relationship expert and therapist, has told the story of how she was humiliated three years ago when she was detained by the police while trying to take a picture at someone’s home in Lagos.

Blessing explained in a lengthy Instagram post that bloggers intended to bury her alive at the time, but her tenacity helped her germinate like a seed.

She merely went to take pictures in a house that wasn’t hers, but the owner humiliated her, according to the relationship therapist.

She was handcuffed, humiliated, and paraded around as if she were a normal criminal.

She claimed the encounter inspired her to construct her own home three years later.

I now had everything they mocked me with. Listen to me: I don’t care what you’ve done in the past; you’ve earned a second opportunity.

Stop slapping yourself in the face. Recover from your blunder by learning from it. Yes, I am the same CEO of Blessing.” She penned an essay.

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